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Caron Tabb - 617.645.4624 - caron@tabbfamily.net

Hot off the press...

Let Us Pray; give me your tired your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free


Mixed Media. Acrylic, latex, thread, gold leaf, yarn


“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”


Pablo Picasso 



Some of my favorite artists include:

Doris Salcedo

Mark Rothko

Jackson Pollock

Robert Ruaschenberg

Cy Twombly

Antoni Tapies

Frank Stella

Leah Nikel

Yves Klein

Richard Tuttle

Guiseppe Penone

Oscar Murrilo

Lucia Fontana




I am so pleased you are taking time to look at my art.

My art replaces what I feel but can’t seem to say in words. The air I breath, my joy and pain, my fear and fearlessness. Three continents, the three loves of my life. My memory and future. My everything; a collection of me. It is process focused, emotive and inspired by the quiet and the noise in my life. It is deeply impacted by my life experiences, good and bad, and infused with images from my natural surroundings. I often choose to focus my art on the issues in my life that matter most to me; family, my identity as a human and a woman, my story as an immigrant and of others who share immigration hardships, human encounters and relationships, social justice, advocacy for those suffering from mental health issues, equality and ills of society that bring pain.                                          

I love color, light, reflection, texture and shapes that create a narrative, evoke a memory or spark an emotion. Using photography, layers of color on canvas, molding with my fingers, a brush, squeegee, mop and found objects, I create new textures and surfaces to discover and engage with. I am fearless and curious, aching with hope, possibilities of new and undiscovered territory. Boundaries exist only in my imagination.                                                           

I owe deep gratitude to those who inspired me and taught me to discover and never be afraid. And, to those who hold me together, make me complete and give meaning to my every day; Kevin, Shai and Noam.


I look forward to sharing my art with you,