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I was born in South Africa and raised in Israel where I met my fabulous husband and had two children. We moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where we lived for 15 years until a recent move brought us to Boston. After many years of non-profit management while dabbling in jewelry making, studying fashion and designing interiors, I fell in love with painting. I have found the process of painting and making abstract art to be liberating and meaningful in a very profound way. 

I find beauty in everything around me, anything from tire tracks to tree bark. It is all art to me and provides inspiration for pieces I make. I feel most happy when I am painting.  I owe great gratitude to my teachers John Murray, Chuck Holtzman, Bob Seigelman and Kelly Knight who taught me not to be afraid.

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Caron Tabb - 617.645.4624 - caron@tabbfamily.net