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I was born in apartheid South Africa, raised on a farm in Israel from the age of eight and, have lived in the US for the last twenty years. After years working in the nonprofit world, I turned my focus to art. These key biographical elements and my passion for social justice issues deeply impact my artistic practice. In addition to traditional painting and photography, I incorporate many found objects and unconventional materials into my work. My conceptual mixed-media and installation pieces address issues of social inequality, racial justice and feminism as seen through the lens of my deep Jewish identity. When I question my role as a Jewish, white woman, and a human being today, I know that in part it is to raise the level of discourse, increase empathy and engage people in difficult conversations about a just and equal society. I feel a burning passion to use my privilege and address what it means to be an American in this day and age. My art serves as my voice and vehicle for these conversations which I hope to inspire in the viewer. 

Artists whose work inspires me these days:

Nari Ward

Brian Jungen

Sonya Clark

Oscar Murillo

Cy Twombly

Phillip Guston

Buthina Abu Milhem


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