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Of Two Places

October 4, 2019 - October 27, 2019, 2022

Beacon Gallery 524B Harrison Ave Boston, MA 02118

Body of Work 2

About the Exhibition

Beacon Gallery, in partnership with the Jewish Arts Collaborative, is pleased to present October’s solo show entitled Of Two Places by multimedia artist Caron Tabb. The exhibition will examine Tabb’s most recent body of work, encompassing her transition from her life in Israel to her life in America. In particular, she examines the struggle of leaving her country of origin and family as well as her deep sense of cultural heritage.

Tabb’s artwork tends to occupy a space between painting and sculpture, while also embracing the practices of drawing, collage, and environmental processes to create contemplative pieces combining texture, color, and tension between her inventive forms.

Of Two Places addresses both Tabb’s personal struggle with her long-term expatriation as well as the universal challenges that immigrants face leaving their homeland and assimilating into a new culture. It examines the pain of what one leaves behind and the feelings surrounding the assumption of a new or hybrid identity.

Tabb’s work poses questions about self-perception and the acceptance or rejection by others, and tackles many concepts of multiculturalism, including cultural obstacles, memory, longing and belonging, otherness, and community. Viewers will be encouraged and challenged to reflect upon their own sense of self and the stories that have helped to shape their own identity.

As Caron Tabb states: “I believe that in the current political climate it is imperative that we promote a climate of understanding through education and dialogue, a glimpse into someone else’s reality and challenges. This exhibition can promote a conversation about acceptance, tolerance and the celebration of our unique differences.”

Gallery owner and curator Christine O’Donnell says of the show, “While Tabb’s conceptual artwork may seem highly personal at first glance, there is a universality in her message. We are trying to take her experience and use it to facilitate visitors to reflect upon their own personal journey. While the artwork is Tabb’s, the viewer is invited to engage on a personal level and leave their own contribution through the various interactive pieces in the exhibition.    

More about Caron Tabb:

Born in South Africa though raised in Israel, Caron Tabb came to San Francisco in 1999 and most recently relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, where she lives with her family.

About the Jewish Arts Collaborative:
The Jewish Arts Collaborative (JArts™) explores and presents the rich, diverse, and creative world of Jewish arts and culture—past, present, and future—in venues across Greater Boston. Through a broad range of programming spanning the traditional to the innovative, we present the finest local, national, and international talent creating artistic work with a distinctive Jewish voice.

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The exhibition examines Tabb’s most recent body of multimedia works that encompasses her transition from life spent in Israel to her life now in America. In particular, she examines the struggle of leaving her country of origin and family as well as her deep sense of cultural heritage.

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Born in South Africa, raised in Israel and now living in the United States for the past two decades, artist Caron Tabb has a new art show that tells her immigration story through mixed media pieces. “Of Two Places” opened last week at Beacon Gallery in partnership with the Jewish Arts Collaborative, and runs through Sunday, Oct. 27.

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