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My Laundry List of Words

Canvas, charcoal, graphite, twine bark, dirt, clothes pins, plaster, sand bags, dirt, thread, paper

81 x 67 x 15 inches


I believe that there are moments, people and places in our personal journeys that come to define who we become.  Some are monumental and have a lifelong impact, some are quiet, hidden but even in their softness, they leave a mark. Such are the words in My Laundry List of Words written on these small pieces of canvas, rewritten, washed away, hidden, painted over and buried. These words are carved in my memory and heart. Over the course of a year which included multiple visits to Israel, I kept a journal in which I tried to recall, free associate and document many of the people, places, object and incidents that have formed my identity while living in Israel and subsequently, after moving to the USA. 

The Hebrew title of this piece; Identity List or Reshimat Zehut ,רשימת זהות, speaks to the impact the words have had on my identity formation. By hanging them on a laundry line, I am sharing my most personal moments and inviting you, the viewer to consider what yours might be.

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