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Public Art, Four Exhibitions, and a Call for Art!

Dear Friends and Art Lovers,

As the midterm elections approach and news continues to break of hateful atrocities being committed daily around the world, the urgency I feel to use my art and my voice to spark change continues to grow. My quest to inspire others to act is bearing fruit in the realms of public art and gallery exhibitions. To this end, I will be curating two shows to expand on opportunities for other artists to join in this movement.

Vote. Vote. Vote.



Public Art

Prisoner a-7713: Antisemitism = Racism = Hate Sliding Back in Time Or, Did We Actually Ever Move Forward?

On Permanent Display Temple Beth Elohim Wellesley, MA

I am deeply honored that this sculpture has found a new home at Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley where it will remain on permanent display. This work has been on view in The Fenway since August as part of Be the Change, the art and activism movement I spearheaded in collaboration with JArts that is inspired by the call for justice embodied by the tzedakah box and that I see as a central tenet of the Jewish faith.

For my contribution to the project, I created this piece, which addresses the tragic rise in antisemitism and hate crimes while drawing attention to the fact that antisemitism is a form of racism.


Be the Change Press Coverage


Current Exhibition

Sanctuary City

On view through November 19, 2022

Somerville Museum | Somerville, MA

t has been a deeply meaningful experience to show my work at the Somerville Museum alongside 12 immigrant artists from the Boston area. I look forward to a few more opportunities to engage with them and their work before the exhibition comes to a close. I hope you will join me!


Closing Events

  • Curator Tour with Julia Csekö - Saturday, November 5th, 5–6pm

  • Closing Event & Roundtable Discussion - Saturday, November 19th, Time TBD


Upcoming Exhibitions

Speak Up 2022

November 5-27, 2022 Piano Craft Gallery | Boston, MA

Exhibition Receptions: November 5th, 6th, and 27th, 2–5pm

I am excited that my piece, “The Sound of Silence: Tekkiah Shevarim Teruah,” was selected from among more than 200 entries for this year’s “Speak Up” exhibition organized by the Arts Administration Association New England.

This piece is a call to act. The shofar is an inanimate object and activated with the intent and breath of the blower. Our intentions and actions are akin to the sound of a shofar. It is only when we act on them that their power becomes realized, speaking up means standing up and using our voice to chance the outcome, not doing results in deafening silence.

Together for Good Caron Tabb and the Quilting Corner

November 17, 2022–March 12, 2023 Skirball Museum | Los Angeles, CA

My piece, "Fabric of Humanity - Repairing My World" will be installed in the Skirball Museum's Hurd Gallery to expand upon the fabulous quilt exhibition "Fabric of a Nation," which was recently on view at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. My quilt will be installed alongside a community quilting corner that invites viewers to take part in the exhibition, and the Jewish tenets I explore in this piece will help connect the Quilt exhibition to the Museum's extensive Judaica collection. It is still so surreal to have my first solo museum exhibition opening later this year! I am filled with gratitude for this opportunity to reach such a broad public through this work.


Lost and Found

November 17–December 30, 2022 The Umbrella Arts Center | Concord, MA

Juried by Jessica Straus, this show examines our relationships with familiar, unfamiliar and defamiliarized objects. I am honored to have my work “Human” included.

I created this piece after violence erupted yet again between Israel and Palestinians in May of 2021. My sister’s home city of Acco, in northern Israel, a mixed Jewish-Arab city, is usually a hopeful yet fragile outpost of co-existence. Unfortunately it fell victim to a paroxysm of violence as conflicts between Jews and Arabs escalated across Israel and the Gaza Strip. This dehumanization and lack of acceptance—on both sides—results in ongoing catastrophic and devastating outcomes. Violence, destruction, and death are the direct consequence of labeling people as “other.”

“Human” is a tangible reminder of this tragic violence. It includes the charred remains of a frame as well as a Hamsa amulet meant to safeguard a home. Both were rescued from the burnt ruins of my sister’s office. I hope you will have a chance to see it while it is on view.


Call for Art!

Talking Points: Space for Conversation and Debate I am very honored to have been invited to jury an upcoming exhibition at the Cambridge Art Association. The call invites artists to consider the ways in which the visual medium can make space for open dialogue around pressing issues, whether local or global. Using art to spark difficult conversations is a central tenet of my practice, and I can’t wait to see what submissions this call will inspire!

Important Dates: Exhibit dates: January 23 - February 21, 2023 Entry deadline: Wednesday, November 30, at 5:00pm

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