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The Sacrifice Of Our Isaacs

Canvas, newspaper, brown paper bags,  thread, acrylic, charcoal, graphite

66 x 64 inches


The Covid pandemic highlighted many of the inequalities that exist in America and around the world. The confluence of social fissures spotlighted the deep racial divide that unfairly subjected low-income and minority communities to the horrific toll of the disease.


Illegal migrant workers became “essential workers” enabling the economy to remain functional and continuing to provide food on tables across the US, yet gaining no benefits from doing so. Low income, often minority workers, who could not afford to ride out the pandemic from the comfort of their home, were exposed in disproportionate numbers to the virus while traveling to and from work on public transportation.


Just as Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac in the name of blind faith, we too, as a society have been willing to support, overlook, and reinforce systemic racism and inequality, as long as it maintained the status quo.


A burning bush/tree of newspaper headlines from the year of the pandemic rise like a fire ignited and fed by the flame of inequality.

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